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Best Purified Water offers the best home water filter systems available. Our water filtration systems are very high quality drinking water systems, and they are great for home, office, dental office, medical office environments. They produce water that is up to 99.9% pure!


Water Distillers (Distillers Water)


The best drinking water? We think it’s steam distilled water. We feel the following are the best water filtration systems you can get. The water produced by these units is up to 99.9% pure.

  • Dol-Fyn water distillers
  • Waterwise water purification systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems / Reverse Osmosis Filtration


RO water filtration systems also produce great tasting water…which is generally 60-80% pure.

  • HydrotechReverse Osmosis Water Treatment System
    • Pro Series – Premier Push Button Monitored Reverse Osmosis System
    • M Series – High Quality Four-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
    • E Series – Compact Three-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Emergency Water Systems


When earthquakes or other natural disasters strike…or even when on the trail or camping, Best Purified Water’s ceramic filters protect you from bacterial contamination in your drinking water:

  • WaterWorks EX Microfilter system

Oxygenation and Energy System


  • Vitalizer Plus oxygenation and energy system

Countertop Water Faucets, Demand Pumps, and Tubing


  • Reverse Osmosis Faucets (Standard Reach & Long Reach) – High Quality RO Water Faucets available in Almond, Bisque, Black, Brass, Chrome, & Nickel
  • Shurflo Demand Pumps (for water only)
  • High Quality Silicone Rubber Tubing

Oxygenation and Energy System


  • Vitalizer Plus oxygenation and energy system

High-efficiency Shower Heads

Lead-Free Porcelain water Dispensers

  • Many designs to choose from
  • Each holds 2.7 gallons of water

Water Dispenser Stands

Various heights and finishes…all beautiful

5 Gallon Water Bottles – 3 Gallon Water Jugs

  • Glass bottlesNEW
  • BPA-free polycarbonate plastic bottles

Pet Bottles and Dishes

Distiller Cleaning and De-Scaling

Kleenwise De-Scaler and Boiling Pot

Dol-Fyn Replacement Parts


See our Dol-Fyn Water Distiller Replacement Parts page.

Power Stabilizer


XPower Saver by Xedia – One unit stabilizes current in your entire home or office. The XPower Saver can reduce consumption by as much as 25% or more off your monthly electric bill! No wiring is required. Suitable for homes, condominiums, apartments, shop lots, restaurants, offices and more. easy to use and maintenance-free.


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Also serving people via the Internet and via telephone who also want pure water.

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